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Palm Cove Wedding Locations

Beach Weddings at Palm Cove

Our most popular wedding ceremony location is Palm Cove beach.

Palm Cove is widely regarded as one of Australia's most beautiful beaches
and the ultimate tropical destination wedding location.


Let's chat about the beach wedding locations along Palm Cove
foreshore. Perhaps you wish to be married with the sand between toes
or under the shade of a tropical palm tree. 

All you’ll have to do on your wedding day is turn up
and enjoy the perfect day; we take care of everything else.

As well as many ceremony extras, we have complete
reception packages
of incredible value.

beach side reception 4.jpg
Tropical Garden

We’ll help you get back to nature in one of
our private tropical rainforest garden.

Your environment includes beautiful rainforest trees,

orchids, gingers, palms and other tropical plant life.


Everywhere you look is colourful and green.

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